Raw, cold-pressed juices.

It all began with the mighty orange…

Rene Stapel, founder and owner of Pure and Healthy turned the ordinary into extraordinary by turning the humble orange into “liquid sunshine”. His passion for health, nutrition, joy, vitality and creativity became the foundation for creating cold-pressed juices in Perth, Western Australia nearly 20 years ago.

It was a one-man-show back then with Rene producing and delivering 100% cold-pressed pure orange juice to cafes. His strong belief in bringing health, nutrition, joy, vitality and creativity to the public was a huge driving force that has made him a staple (excuse the pun!) in the cold-pressed juicing industry.

Now, Pure and Healthy is a community of people, from our administration team, to the team that create and deliver the super beverages, and to our team at Farmer’s Markets. Our fruit and vegetables is sourced as local as possible supporting farmers and independent growers who also believe in producing the best quality produce.

Our super beverages are made to order, hand-made without pasteurisation or additives from local, non-hybrid, non-GMO ingredients. They are extracted and prepared using methods to maintain maximum nutrition and taste without using preservatives. The balance of ingredients ensures our juices, blends, tonics and elixirs are vibrant in colour and full of flavour.

Our vision is to see every person who drinks our super beverage meet life with a clear mind and enthusiasm, and achieve their life goals. Every Pure and Healthy juice, blend, tonic or elixir you drink is not just a liquid. You are drinking the vibrancy and energy of health, nutrition, joy, vitality and creativity.


Pure and Healthy’s prescription for detoxification and renewal…

Fresh Living Spirulina

Coming soon…

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Healthy juices and beverages in Perth, Australia.