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Pure And Healthy Juices - Story

From a very early age I had a passion for health and wellness and knew the importance of a healthy and nutritious diet in order to live your best life. Whilst traveling to the US I became inspired by the juice carts at every corner hand squeezing fresh Orange Juice for sale. It is this experience that highlighted to me the opportunity to combine my love for a healthy lifestyle and my desire to start a business that would revolutionise the fresh juice market.

In the year 2000 Pure and Heathy Juice was born turning the humble orange into “liquid sunshine”. It was a one man show back then with me producing and delivering 100% cold pressed pure orange juice to cafes. Through my passion to deliver health and nutrition to the public of Western Australia I began the cold press juice industry.

Today my business continues to thrive and has grown to include an impressive range of juice, tonics, elixirs and blends.

Your Sincerely,
Rene Stapel