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Campus Zen

Campus Zen

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Campus Zen, the ultimate juice series combined specifically for young students.⁠ Bursting with flavour and packed with essential nutrients, these raw cold-pressed juices are the perfect companions for your busy school or uni days. 📚️🏈

Inside the “Campus Zen” Bundle you find:

  • Passionfruit Halo: A tropical sensation that not only tantalizes your taste buds but also nourishes your skin, giving you that radiant glow.⁠
  • Berry Blast Smoothie: A delicious blend of berries that aids digestion and keeps your energy levels up throughout the day.⁠
  • Watermelon Passion: Hydrating and invigorating to keep you focused and alert during those long study sessions.⁠
  • Golden Pineapple Crush: Rich in vitamins and minerals to support muscle growth and bone strength.⁠
  • Beetroot Beta-C: Enhancing your focus and cognitive function.⁠
  • CBK-Maximise: A green powerhouse of broccoli, celery, and kale, providing you with essential nutrients for overall well-being and recharge.⁠
  • Turmeric Nourish: Harnessing the anti-inflammatory properties of turmeric to support joint health and vitality.

So, whether you're hitting the books, practicing sports, or simply enjoying time with friends, save 10% of your Campus Zen Bundle and let this be your go-to source of nutrition and energy, helping you thrive through your teenage years.⁠


Passionfruit Halo

  • Orange, Watermelon, Pineapple, Passionfruit.

Berry Blast Smoothie

  • Apple, Blueberries, Strawberries, Goji Berries, Mango, Orange

Watermelon Passion

  • Watermelon, Strawberry, Apple

Pineapple Crush

  • Pineapple, Apple

Beetroot Beta-C

  • Beetroot, Carrot, Apple, Ginger, Lemon

CBK Maximise

  • Broccoli, Kale, Cucumber, Celery, Apple, Lime, Ginger, Lemon

Turmeric Nourish

  • Turmeric, Carrot, Orange, Lemon, Ginger, Black Pepper

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