Juice Cleanse Information

Detoxing and why it’s important and why I should detoxify periodically.

It’s a toxic soup will live in. Our immune system and organs of
elimination are daily assaulted by chemicals and free radicals that
cause degenerative disease.

The best and most successful self-rejuvenation programs begin with internal body cleaning.

Juice fasting can help to cleanse and detoxify our vital organs and
digestive system. High quality nutrition from fresh, raw juices
including vitamins, minerals, and fibre can restore energy levels and
encourage well-being. Our juice fasts have been created in collaboration
with a Naturopath and offer well rounded nutritional support for
cleansing and healing.

Set Your Intentions

Prior to starting your Kick Start cleanse program it's good to set your intentions.  This will start your enquiry process and start you on your growth journey.

Half Day Kick Start Detox

In preparation for a cleanse program, it’s good to Kick Start with just a simple half day detox.

  1. Rising: After waking brush (oil pulling) your teeth thoroughly.

With the Birds

  1. Lemon water: super alkaliser.
  2. Stretch and turn: Head and neck, feet and ankles, shoulders and hips. (Optional Yoga poses).
  3. Illumination: Aim for early morning. (Clear bowels before eating).

That Was Good

  1. Morning fruit: (Yogurt or honey optional).
  2. Watermelon Passion 1 x 500ml: (Alkaliser and natural diuretic).
  3. Green Smoothie 1 x 500ml: green chlorophyll boost. Bowel scrub. At least 15 minutes before lunch.
  4. Vegetarian lunch (preferably majority raw, 80% raw 20% cooked).

That's it, Your Done!