Our Planet

Zero waste

‘Zero Waste’ is our Environmental Program at Pure and Healthy which means that we re-use or recycle whenever possible, and collect organic waste to create bio-fuel and rich compost. Our home planet, Mother Earth provides us with life – land, water, and air, and produces the fruit and vegetables that enable us to make our super beverages: juices, blends, tonics, and elixirs. In return we do our upmost to create a sustainable environment.



Rich Compost

Some of our organic waste is processed on-site into dark, rich compost for your garden.  Thanks to Nibali Stockfeed in Hamilton Hill for making it available to the public. Drop by today and and pick some up to boost the nutrients in your garden’s soil.

Peel, vegetable ends, pineapple tops…

Most of our organic waste is transferred to a facility in Jandakot where the material is broken down using an anaerobic digestion process.  This produces methane gas which is used to create energy to power the plant and the surplus is exported into the grid.  The digestate by-product, which is packed with living micro-organisms and nutrients, is used to create nutrient rich garden products.

Bottle washing

Pure and Healthy chooses to use glass bottles as they can be washed and reused, or recycled. We collect, wash, and reuse as many of our glass bottles as possible.


Glass and plastic

Glass is a hard wearing material suitable for multiple wash – use cycles.  It’s inevitable though, that glass bottles will eventually break.  Any that are cracked, chipped, or broken are recycled.  Perth Waste collects all our glass and plastic for recycling.


Cardboard and paper

All of our cardboard and paper is collected and transported to a cardboard recycling depot.


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