Hospitality Precinct

For our customers, we offer a number of point-of-sale items to let your customers know you have fresh, cold-pressed juice available. 

And to assist with your selection and to target your customer we will do a customer audit which will allow you to best utilize our promo material.


Pure and Healthy Poster
Fridge laminate
Pure and Healthy Wall/Window Banner
Window stickers
Pure and Healthy Erasable Menu Board
Erasable menu board
Pure and Healthy Table Talker
Table talkers
Pure and Healthy Digital Display
Digital display
Pole sign
Pure and Healthy Poster
"Cold-pressed" poster
Table/counter talker
Corflute A-Frame
Sandbags for the corflute signs
Table talker / Counter-top sign
Writable/Erasable menu board
Counter-top sign

Healthy juices and beverages in Perth, Australia.